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The Business Hierarchy of Needs

The Business Hierarchy of needs (BHN) is the foundation of the Fix This NeXt Process. The BHN is foundational knowledge on how your company is structured. In other words the DNA of your business is the BHN which is based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The BHN is the compass directing you on what vital needs to address first. The BHN is a great way to remind you of the challenges, problems and opportunities, and to start addressing the one thing your business needs fixed NOW.

Andrea Russell -

Business Guide & Advisor

Many businesses find themselves with no cash in the bank.

Business seem profitable but cash in the bank is little to nothing, just a matter of time to bankruptcy.

You simply do not understand what vital needs to fix.

At ACR Business Services using the business Hierarchy of Needs we address your business problems based on the the order of the impact on your business.

Are you constantly putting out fires in your business?  if the answer is yes you are in the Survival Trap.

Does it seem like your business is not growing? You are definitely stuck in the Survival Trap

Using the BHN (Business Hiearchy of Needs) ACR Business will help you to identify your business vital needs, Fix it using the OMEN method and finally track your progress toward you vision, the result is no more being hold hostage in the Survival Trap.


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