Fix this Next Core Chapters

    • Do you know what the company’s sales performance must be to support your personal comfort?
    • Are you attracting enough quality prospects to support your needed sales?
    • Do you convert enough of the right prospects into clients to support your needed sales?
    • Do you consistently remove debt rather than accumulate it?
    • Do you have health profit margins?
    • Does your Business have enough cash reserves to cover expenses for three months or more?

    If you answer no to any of these….

    Read the first few chapters of Mike’s new book FIX THIS NEXT, where he describes the BHN (Business Hierarchy of Need)

    In order for a business to survive there are five Vital needs that must be addressed.

    • Sales - Creation of Cash is important at this level, without it you will not have a business.
    • Profit - Is the creation of Stability, without this financial collapse is inevitable.
    • Order - is the level at which efficiency in your business is created.
    • Impact - this level focuses on transforming your business, your alignment with staff, vendors and your community.
    • Legacy - this level is about the creation of permanence. Your long-term vision and adapting to changes consumer demand and your industry is covered at this level.

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