ACR Bookkeeping Service Plus

A Profit First Certified Firm For Contractors & Inventory Base Business Owners

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Welcome to ACR Bookkeeping Service Plus LLC. 

If you are looking for a Profit First Certified Firm Serving Pompano Beach Fl and Surrounding areas that not only provide Bookkeeping & Tax Services, but to Transform your business, Increase Profits, build efficiency, create your unique offerings to serve your ideal clients you have come to the right place.


We provide outstanding services fully focused to helping our clients grow a profitable business the Profit First way.



We are a full-Service Bookkeeping Firm licensed in Pompano Beach Fl. We are dedicated, experienced and affordable.



We service small business owners , entrepreneurs and independent professionals in the contractors & inventory base Industries.


Profit First

Profit First is a simple cash flow management system that was born out of the struggles that author Mike Michalowicz faced in his business. The goal of Profit First is to help business owners completely destroy debt, know where your cash is and grow a profitable business.

The simple method is this. Each sales deposit you receive, take a percentage of the money as profit.  Yes there are more steps needed to determine the percentage but just this simple step alone will make you permanently profitable.

Profit is not an Event, says Mike but instead a habit.  

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Business Services

We streamline our services to suit each individual client. Even though industries share similarities no two businesses are alike. Services we provide include...

  • Small Business Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Cash-flow Management
  • Out-Source CFO.
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Tax Preparation & Planning

Yes while we provide tax preparation services, we find that clients are unsure of what tax deductions they are entitled too.

As a result we provide Year Round Tax Planning to minimize Tax liabilities and by using the Profit First Method, clients are fully prepared at tax time.

  • Corporate Returns
  • Partnership
  • Personal Income Taxes
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Business Consulting & Coaching

We at ACR Bookkeeping are passionate about helping our clients grow their business.

Why have a business that cannot support your lifestyle, that cannot pay you the owner first, or one that is not turning a profit or generating a cash flow.

As a result of our passion to help business owners succeed in their business we offer Business Made Simple Coaching, Profit First & the Pumpkin Plan Coaching so that you grow a business that makes you money.

We take the mystery out of Growing a Profitable business that serves you and others to make you money to live a life Debt-Free on your terms.

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Quickbooks Services

We love Technology! We also know technology not used the right way creates a total disaster. Our goal is to ensure our clients use Quickbooks the right way to provide accurate information for decision making. Service offerings include...

  • Quickbooks Setup
  • Quickbooks Tune Up
  • Training for Quickbooks online 
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"Andrea provides amazing support for my business, handling all the accounting and bookkeeping she has done wonders for my business structure and organization. She is always available and always ready to help you take your business to the next level. She is a one stop finance department having the capacity to do payroll, accounting, cash flow and finance consulting. I highly recommend and endorse her services and skills"

Renee Miller - R. Miller Consulting Group

"Andrea has been working strategically with our company for the last 7 years. Andrea and her team are very professional and capable to do the job."

Derek Miller - Nationwide Haul

"Andrea is great! She is extremely tentative and uses her tactic knowledge in order to be proactive in addressing the business' needs to facilitate growth and profitability."

Erin Sterling Moger
Senior Strategic Guide at Profit First Professionals

We will help you GROW your business

Let us help you to transform and grow a profitable business by providing profit first accounting and cash management.


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